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Selecting Gloss Finish

Selecting the right gloss for your finish could be quite challenging since it covers a broad spectrum. For Sparko Surface Coatings are gloss levels would range from zero (0) to ninety (90) and all the levels in between would get confusing at times. We’ve listed down some key points to help you choose the right gloss for you.

What is Gloss?

Gloss is all about the shine. Practically it describes how much light is reflected on the surface of paint or coatings. Anything that shines has a sheen or glow of light from within the surface. The gloss levels of coatings are important since it plays a significant role in the overall appearance of the furniture.

Different Gloss Finishes  

  1. High Gloss – This is the most durable type of gloss finish. It has a glass-like effect. High gloss is super light-reflective which shows imperfections of the finish and of the wood substrate being used, but this type of gloss is very easy to clean. This is best for accents that you wish to stand out like doors, furniture, or cabinets.

High gloss level
  1. Semi-Gloss – Semi-gloss finish is the popular choice among designers and homemakers, it is glossy enough to provide easy cleaning while matte enough to hide a few nips and pecks on the furniture. If you need something durable and doesn’t have much gloss, semi-gloss is the type of finish for you.

Semi-gloss level
  1. Satin – This type of gloss is often described as velvety. A satin finish is ideal for a distressed look in your furniture. The satin finish helps hide imperfections on your wood and keeps the furniture as natural looking as possible. When the entire feel of your furniture is vintage and traditional or if you want to exude and keep your heirlooms to their original feel. This finish is for you.

Satin gloss level
  1. Matte – A matte finish has the least amount of gloss. This finish is not as easy to maintain as the previous ones. However, it helps keep the furniture as natural and as original as it really was. Similar to the high gloss finish, the matte finish is ideal for accent pieces just to give contrast to some key pieces at home to avoid making your entire space looking dull and flat. 

Matte gloss level

To know more about gloss levels and other products that we offer, send us an email at or feel free to call us at 0919 067 2516. 

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