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Best finish for your furniture project – Vinyl and Nitrocellulose

Wood finishing is one of the many concerns for any wood piece. Its appearance, methods, applications, and wood coating durability are other things you need to consider. Hobbyists and industry first-timers will be amazed at how large the options they have in plate. No worry, Sparko Surface Coatings is one of the trusted supports in making dream projects achieve the best and durable quality finish.

Let’s start with Sparko Vinyl Coatings, tagged as the perfect coating to treat furniture or decorative items made up of indigenous materials. The Philippines is known worldwide as a producer of furniture or decorative items made of Abaca, Ratan and Lampakanai rope. These naturally and locally found materials are flexible with a waxy surface making it more difficult to apply finishing paints. The best thing about Sparko Vinyl Coatings is that it possess good adhesion for this special type of substrates and are available in both sealer and topcoats. Sparko Vinyl Sealer acts as your primer and to seal edges and porous wood surfaces while the Sparko Vinyl Topcoat will showcase the natural gloss for your furniture projects.

Sparko Vinyl

Sparko Nitrocellulose Coatings is another recommended coating for your furniture project. This is an evaporative lacquer that is suitable for low-traffic wood-based substrates and is primarily used for indoor cased goods. This type of coating is very easy to repair which makes it your best choice if you are still at the testing stage of your project. Sparko Nitrocellulose Coatings exhibit excellent polishing properties, enhances the appearance of any wood grain and are also available in both sealer and topcoats. Sparko Nitrocellulose Sealer is basically applied to seal the pores of the wood and is only the primer used for Nitrocellulose finishes only. With Sparko Nitrocellulose Topcoats retains good color clarity with a complete range of gloss levels that complements indoor furniture.

Sparko Vinyl Coatings

Both Sparko Vinyl and Sparko Nitrocellulose Coatings paired with Sparko 601 Lacquer Thinner, especially formulated thinner for Nitrocellulose and Vinyl finish and for washing purposes. This guarantees quick drying time within 15-30 minutes and also contributes to providing superb durability.

Make a start now with Sparko Surface Coatings for you to Experience Excellence.



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