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A thinner is used as a volatile solvent when extending or diluting oil-based or solvent-based paints and for cleaning up after use. It is also a liquid that is incorporated into a thicker liquid, like paint or lacquers, to reduce its viscosity and make it simpler to roll, spray, or brush on. To simply put it, thinners are most commonly used for dilution.

Sparko Surface Coatings has different types of thinner. They are specially formulated to be compatible with Sparko Surface Coatings such as topcoats and sealers. Sparko thinner also is best fused to colorants, such as: glaze, stain, tinting paste and many more.

Get to know our different thinners and the things you should know about:

601 Sparko Lacquer Thinner. This type of thinner is compatible for use with single component coating such as Sparko Nitrocellulose, Sparko Vinyl Coatings. This thinner is also used for Sparko NGR (Non grain raising) stains to pacify the color intensity. You can mix up to 15 parts of 601 Sparko Lacquer Thinner for 1 part of Sparko NGR stain! It blends or tones the substrate's color to produce a spotting effect; this effect is not a flaw in the substrate, but rather a deliberate design feature

604 Sparko PU Thinner. Similar to 601 Sparko Lacquer Thinner, the 604 Sparko PU Thinner is best used with 2 component coatings such as Sparko Polyurethane Sealers and Topcoat. Sparko’s PU coating is suitable for high traffic areas, outdoor use or to furniture exposed to wear and tear.

6868 Sparko Washing Thinner. It is designed to be a cleaning agent that washes out excess paint from your rollers, spray guns or brushes. It is used and applied to anywhere that needs cleaning.

Sparko Paint Thinner. Is a thinning agent for oil-based paints. Sparko Paint Thinner is used for Sparko Glazes in blending light and dark tones and in decreasing the deep color intensity of Sparko Glazes. Glazes could be classified as a decorative painting material as this is used to highlight wood grains or to create the faux effect.

Sparko Mineral Spirit. This is specially blended to dilute DIY products such as Zetagi Pronto and for Sparko Teak oil. Zetagi Pronto is a one component colorant that is a semi film building coating used to color wood at the same time provide needed protection for outdoor use. While Sparko Teak Oil, is mainly applied for wood protection.

Sparko Lacquer Flow. Hardly a thinning agent, more on a solvent additive. Sparko Lacquer Flow is a substance added to delay drying so that more time can be used for blending or layering highlights. When applied with a spray, it is used to help stop paints from blushing. Blushing is a coating defect that is most noticeable when the coating is sprayed and manifests as whitening on the coating surface when the application is carried out under high relative humidity conditions.

These are some of the Sparko Thinners and now you know about them.

If you wish to know more and have any questions or would like to speak with our product experts, you can send us a direct message on Facebook or call this number at 0998-964-6900.

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