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Introducing Sparko Surface Coatings, a total surface coatings solutions provider and your best option when it comes to build up, hiding power and adhesion to the substrate.

High Solid Content

Sparko Surface Coatings Topcoats and Sealers have high solid contents thereby achieving your desired finish at lesser coating pass.

Fast Dry Time

Sparko Surface Coatings reduces production operation time through fast drying time of topcoats and sealers without compromising its quality.

Specialized Thinners

Sparko Surface Coatings provides a balanced formulation with the right blend of active, latent and diluent solvents to provide better dissolution of paint, fast drying time, and controlled odor from the vapor released.

Full Product Range

Sparko Surface Coatings offers a diverse range of products not only to topcoats and sealers. We are not limited to natural and antiquing finishes. Basecoats, crackle, and mottle finishes are also readily available. Sparko also distributes surface preparation materials colorants, thinners, highlighting tools such as steel wool, paint brush, et al.

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Questions? Suggestions? Other concerns? Click CONTACT US below to reach us. You may also opt to send us a message through our official Facebook page and we will try to provide you with the promptest response.


Not only do we provide the best quality of surface coatings, we also have other brands to service your needs.

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