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About Sparko Surface Coatings


About Us Background

Sparko Surface Coatings is the finest there is to offer. Our top clients are some of the biggest furniture companies and fit-out contractors in the country. Our wood coating materials range from colorants, nitrocellulose, vinyl and various solvents to ensure compatibility with the substrate of your choice. Apart from the main products, our company acknowledges the need to provide our customers with the most comprehensive surface preparation materials such as sand papers, wood fillers and putties which is of prime importance to achieve the best finish. Our auxiliary products are also cream of the crop choice for our B2B clients as well for hobbyists or for craft enthusiasts.


With the recent Italian partnership, we have brought our polyurethane coatings to a different level. Zetagi by Sparko now has the widest offering in the country from solvent and water based, which can be used for direct outdoor application, highly flexible materials and high traffic areas indoor. You can never go wrong with Sparko Surface Coatings and Zetagi by Sparko Polyurethane. Now, you can start experiencing excellence – not only with our products but with our technical services as well.

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Questions? Suggestions? Other concerns? Click CONTACT US below to reach us. You may also opt to send us a message through our official Facebook page and we will try to provide you with the promptest response.


Not only do we provide the best quality of surface coatings, we also have other brands to service your needs.

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