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Painting Project Step 1: Choose Your Wood Paint Wisely

Summer season is not yet over – we could’ve been to the beach or traveling to somewhere cold but for our safety during this time of pandemic – we are staying home.

So how do we maximize the hot weather and our time at home? Why not get some DIY home projects done? Perhaps your front door needs a wood paint retouch? Or maybe your decks needs some wood paint protection? So you step into a hardware store, you are directed into a smorgasbord of paint brands, types, color and variant.

You are presented with a choice of water based or solvent based paint, odorless options, high concentrate or ready for use paints and the list goes on. As customers we are in search for the best product that is worth our every buck.

Now, since there are so many different brands and options to choose from, the consumers will always lean on the products that provide both quality and reasonable prices and this where the innovation of Sparko Surface Coatings wood paint come to place.


The quality of Sparko Surface coatings can be seen on the high solid content of its sealers and topcoats. This will help your project achieve the desired finish while using few or lesser coating. Its drying time is much faster compared to others making your production time of your wood paint projects much quicker and time efficient. Sparko surface coatings also offers a wide range of products not limited to paints but also includes highlighting tools, colorants, spray guns, and other products needed for all your painting needs and requirements.


The perception of most consumers out in the market is that the price of products is relative to its quality. This means that the higher the price is the better the quality. But this is not true all the time. As mentioned above the quality of the products does not only rely on its price.

Choosing the best Wood Paint

Sparko Surface Coating is a brand that provides both. Quality products at a much affordable and reasonable price. SPARKO Surface Coatings is available nationwide. It is constantly serving the small scale to large scale manufacturers of furniture and other wood related products all over the country.

SPARKO Surface Coatings is supporting customers’ needs through accessible market locations in Pampanga, Taguig, Batangas, Cebu, Iloilo, Davao, General Santos City as well as partnering with local DIY shops to reach out to all our consumers around the Philippines.

Our commitment in giving our customers the quality experience does not end once you purchase our products. We also provide long-term support to clients through color rematch, color development, and troubleshooting. We offer technical support and provide the best solution to the client’s concern.

Client’s complacency is our primary concern hence we provide technical assistance through site evaluation, product demonstration, troubleshooting, and onsite posting.

Our end of the bargain does not end once you purchase our products. We continuously support our clients through great customer support. This is part of our commitment to providing everyone with quality paints at a very reasonable price.

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