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Paint Your Wooden Interior with Zetagi

As everything is developing and transforming, including interior designs, each homeowner must consider the question, “What kind of interior to design in my own home?” This question does not only apply to designing houses but also to offices. According to studies, employing natural wood as a structural material in homes and workplaces can have a discernible impact on people's wellbeing.

zetagi by sparko wood paint

The simplest and most practical way to create a unique style for the interior is to use natural wood. With its natural color it illuminates the beauty of modern spaces. It improves with time and seems to not lose its attractiveness and beauty. Tests of time have shown that wood holds up well.

Thus, for years, paint has long been the magic ingredient in quick and cost - effective makeovers. However, it can be difficult to choose paints that complement natural wood.

With our Zetagi by Sparko products, it’s the most excellent choice for wood protection and the perfect choice to paint your wood and make it stand out even more.

So, here are our suggestions for renovating your interior using wood without compromising its natural beauty.

Transform your dining area but make it extra!

Instantly add warmth and natural light to your interior by adding an elegant rustic touch to your wooden walls, dining table and chairs by applying Zetagi Waterbased Topcoat Clear

It offers an excellent resistance to abrasion and average household cleaning materials, making it especially appropriate as a finish for painting furniture, ceilings, and walls. It gives a natural effect on indoor wooden surfaces.

zetagi waterbased topcoat clear

To make your interior feel more closer to nature, wooden floors is highly recommended. Wooden floors give an illusion to make your space look bigger than it actually is. It also gives a more welcoming look to your home. And the best choice of paint to make it last longer is to use Zetagi Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoat. This product offers high resistance to scratch and abrasion so it’s suitable for high traffic areas such as the floor. This makes a good protective film so you can worry less.

Zetagi Acrylic Polyurethane Topcoat

Now if you are into a basecoated finish but too afraid of yellowing, worry no more! We have just the perfect product you can use, introducing Zetagi Non-Tannin Topcoat White Outdoor.

This is an acrylic resin-based topcoat that has an anti-yellowing property that was created for wood that contains tannins. Tannins are those that penetrate the coating, causing the finish to turn yellow. But it’s nothing to be concerned about because these tannins are preventable. It is formulated specifically to withstand the harsh effects of UV rays. The ideal sealer underneath this is Zetagi Non-Tannin White Sealer.

Zetagi Non-Tannin Topcoat White Outdoor and Zetagi Non-Tannin White Sealer

With these innovative products, a contemporary wooden interior that is elegant, welcoming, and long lasting is now achievable. Zetagi by Sparko does not only make your wood look even better but also it provides excellent surface protection to it.

For more details about our wide product variation please, visit our website at or call us at 0998-964-6900.

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