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The Beauty of Different Antique Finishing on Woods

You may be wondering why Antique Finishing is still “IN” even up to this day when modern minimalist style is getting more appreciation. Well, to begin, Antique Finishing is not only limited to furniture but also to walls, floors, ceilings, and other objects. Not to be sentimental, but Antique Finishing brings us to remember our rich past, furthermore it adds a touch of character and a timeless classic beauty to our space.

Antiquing isn’t dead yet. There are still people who choose this technique because up to this day it’s still considered classically exceptional. And there are various of ways to do achieve an antique look.

So here are some of Antique finishing on Woods and discover the beauty it brings to your furniture or your interior:

1. Distressed Finish- involves manually creating signs of wear and age that makes new furniture appear as if it has been used for a long time, this gives the furniture character. This kind of finishing gives off something warm and has comforting feel as if the furniture has been dearly loved and was passed down for generations and makes it look like it has rich history. This finishing requires a combination of wood stains, paints, and glazes to achieve this one-of-a-kind vintage look.

Distressed Finish

Distressed Antique Finish

2. Washed Out Finish- creates an appearance of weathered wood. It is a semi-opaque finish applied to bare wood, a perfect way to lighten the look of your furniture while still allowing the wood grain to show through. The beauty of this technique is that you can truly appreciate any imperfections your furniture may or may not have. The result shows a soft rustic white-wash wood stain look with a bit of beachy feels.

Washed Out Finish

Washed Out Antique Finish

3. Cowtail Effect- a technique that gives your furniture a dirty and beat up look; just splatter glaze specks on it and dent some portions. This includes surface damage like hitting of a sharp object, edge filing, effects of wormholes and imprinting. The dents and dings are what makes the furniture antique looking. Making it look dirty and old-fashioned but in an artistic way. The idea is to make it seem you bought the furniture from a farm auction.

Cow Tail Effect

4. Dark Glazing- Want to add more character and depth to your furniture? Dark Glazing is the key! This technique creates an effect in the cracks and corners of your furniture giving it an amazing, aged look. Basically, Dark Glazing accentuates the details on your furniture because it stays in the grooves of any details, remnants of dark streaks and smears is visible adding a more vintage look. Also, it makes the furniture look elegantly antique looking yet very luxurious.

Dark Glazing

5. Mottled Finish- A fashionably old finishing involving patching of the substrate to make a furniture look like clouds, spots with different color or a ring-like blotch of discoloration due to intentional improper pigment application resulting to non-uniform appearance. Mottled Finishing can be something subtle or bold and dramatic, it’s an antiquing technique that can make a big impact on any furniture or interior wall.

Mottled Finish

6. Cracking Effect- If you’re into an attention-getting style, something that can give a focal point in your interior or furniture, doing the Cracking Effect is the way to go. It gives an aged, weathered, vintage look using paints, a crackle medium, and varnish. Cracking effect is what happens when layers expands and contracts and is exposed to different temperature humidity causing individual layers of paint to split and shrink, exposing the beauty that lies beneath the paint.

Cracking Effect

Here's a greater news for you, you can achieve all of these using Sparko Surface Coatings wide variety of Wood colorants, auxiliaries, and thinners.

Antiquing is more of a personal preference because of your unique experiences, history or needs that add to the character of the overall result. Bring out the beauty, authenticity and show your creativity with these ways to achieve an antique look on your furniture or interior. The result will show a hand-and-time-crafted finish, a project that represents your true personality, and a story told through wood coating and painting.



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