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Indigenous materials for a true Filipino Home

Over the years, the design of a Filipino home has evolved into an expression of the Pinoy culture and heritage. More and more, we see this evolution giving more highlights to native materials to give that touch of a true Filipino abode. We see designers and local manufacturers use Indigenous materials that are naturally and locally found in our country. These materials, given to the right artisans always have a great influence on the Filipino culture or lifestyle that would make a good legacy to be passed on from generation to generation.

Below are some famous indigenous materials used in manufacturing quality furniture for your home.

  1. Lampakanay rope – a type of indigenous material used in making beautifully crafted bags, baskets, and braided furniture. This type of material can give a peaceful balance to any type of room.

Lampakanay Rope
  1. Wicker – a traditional material made of plant origin. Wicker materials are light yet sturdy suitable for items that will be moved like porch and patio furniture. This type of indigenous material is better suited for indoor use or protected outdoor space to last for years.

  1. Rattan – is a strong fibrous plant similar to bamboo. Rattan has been used for manufacturing furniture for being lightweight, durable, flexible, and attractive. The type of indigenous material is incredibly long-lasting, durable that lasts for a long time.


  1. Abaca – Also called Manila hemp, abaca is extracted from the leaf around the trunk of the abaca plant.  Mostly used for furniture because of its great durability and versatility that makes it easy to work with or create different designs perfect for any home space.


Even the most durable indigenous material available would need proper maintenance and of course the right preparation and coating protection to be able to last long and to highlight its beauty even more. With Sparko Surface Coatings being the one of the leading brand in the country for specialized coatings would recommend Sparko Vinyl sealer and topcoats. This special blend of lacquer was formulated with indigenous materials in mind. While beautiful in natural color, texture, and mechanical properties, these indigenous materials are hard to work as they are oily or waxy and flexible. Sparko Vinyl Lacquer was created for this – adhesion towards waxy surfaces and ability to be flexible and cohesively with the material are all found in our formulation. On top of everything, Sparko Vinyl Topcoats also have complete gloss levels from zero (matte finish) up to ninety (high gloss finish).

Let the Sparko team help you. To learn more send an email to

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