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How to Paint your Kitchen Cabinet

One of the most cost-effective ways of renovating your kitchen cabinet is through repainting. If you think that your cabinets are out of date or just simply looks old and busted, maybe it’s time to fix and make it look new.

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets might seem to be hard but if you follow these simple steps and instruction, you will find it easy and less tiring. Here are some of the best ways to repaint or refurbish your kitchen cabinet to make it look new and refreshing.

Tips on how to paint your kitchen cabinet

The first thing to do before starting any painting project is to protect other areas of the kitchen that will not be painted. This is because painting jobs can sometimes be messy, you might accidentally spill some paint on other surface or stain your countertops. As a result, you will have a hard time cleaning this mess and it can cost you unnecessary effort and time.


How to paint your kitchen cabinet

Use News Paper or any other materials to cover the painting area

Make sure to cover your countertops, floor or other areas in the kitchen using papers (Manila paper, Newspaper, or Rosin paper). This is the most efficient way to protect your kitchen from any mess. The next thing to do is to clear all the products and items out of your kitchen area. Empty your cabinets and put your cooking wares away from the area.

how to paint your kitchen cabinet

High quality painting tools and equipments

Next, prepare all the necessary tools and equipment needed for your kitchen cabinet DIY project. It’s better to invest in high-quality tools and equipment to prevent having poor quality paint results.