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Home Decorations using Indigenous Materials

Using indigenous materials to design your home has multiple advantages. It supports local businesses and helps the economy of a particular region. Houses today have evolved into a modern structure, but personalizing your interior with indigenous materials can add a stunning atmosphere to your home.

Furniture design allows freedom of expression from old and unwanted “stuff” to a timeless style of elegance that can fit and add value to modern houses.  Here are a few tips from Sparko Surface Coatings on how to carefully choose home pieces that complete the look of your interior space – like a cherry on top of the cake.

Design a Bedroom with an Accent chair

Providing a single chair accent to your room will make a statement. A wicker material chair with a touch of honey hue creates a pleasant bedroom design that adds a traditional style.

Traditional seating for a dining room

Native arm-chairs are appealing to your dining table. It will accent a formal dining space by giving a natural grace to the interior space. Rattan chairs can give a tone down – island vibe rather than a stiff and extremely formal feel in your dining area.

Hang a Statement

Create an ambient lighting space through a woven rattan lamp. Handmade rattan pendant lights have can call attention and bring statements in a good way. Pendant lights can give a warm feel to create a relaxed mood. It is just enough to illuminate a small space.

Use wicker baskets as Planters

Wicker baskets are making a statement these days not to mention these decors are very versatile. Neutral colored baskets can harmoniously be fitted to any style of the room. You can be very artsy with them by trying to hang baskets in your powder room and use them for extra storage such as towels, creams, and other toiletries. It is a smart addition to your home and is perfect for also for some greens inside the home.

Pick an accent table for the living room

Coffee tables made from seagrass is such a refreshing sight to see. Who would’ve thought these indigenous materials can look fabulous and stylish in the living room. Choosing an accent table surely enhances your comfortable shabby-chic interior. Strut that inner artist in you with this centerpiece.

There are a lot of choices when it comes to choosing the perfect furniture made out of various indigenous materials, which are widely available around us.  Remember, these materials may be hard to work on but with specific and highly specialized Sparko Vinyl Lacquers these beauties become instant masterpieces that bring life and beauty to your space. Sparko Surface Coatings has partnered with local furniture manufacturers around the country for proven coating quality.

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