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Experience Excellence with Zetagi Pronto by Sparko

The most trusted Italian Polyurethane brand in the world is now available in the Philippines – Zetagi Pronto by Sparko.  We at Sparko Surface Coatings wanted to give the customers the best and experience excellence with the surface coatings they need. Zetagi Pronto by Sparko is ready to use high-build, semi-gloss solvent-based wood stain suitable for outdoor and indoor use. This is suitable for different wood surface applications such as canopies, wooden gazebos, swimming pool decks, balconies, and many more.

Advantages of using Zetagi Pronto by Sparko:

  1. Zetagi Pronto by Sparko is a ready-to-use coating created to put color into your furniture, craft, and DIY projects in the easiest and the fastest way possible.

  2. Zetagi Pronto also UV filters that provide wood protection from the extreme heat and harmful UV rays of the sun.

  3. Savings on costs and time, as it has high solid content making your recoating application much lesser compared to other coating materials.

  4. We are hassle-free and ready for use with its low viscosity and excellent filling properties.

  5. Zetagi Pronto by Sparko has a long-term weather resistance making it a sustainable coating perfect for outdoor application.

  6. Available in a wide variety of colors to choose from.

Before buying the paint products you need, understanding what specific advantages you can get with the items is just right for you to know. You wanted the best that is why we give you the best.

“Experience Excellence” now with Zetagi Pronto by Sparko.

To know more about the products click HERE.



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