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Zetagi by Sparko Pronto for Wood Paint Projects

There are a variety of paint products that are currently available in the market. You can always find specific paint products for your needs, but not all products are worth buying. You need to have a good understanding of paint items in order to buy the most appropriate items for your paint project. If you are planning to make some wood paint projects or just want to kill your boredom by doing DIY paint projects, we at Sparko Surface Coatings are here to help you have a better understanding of our product – Zetagi by Sparko Pronto.

What is Zetagi by Sparko Pronto

Zetagi by Sparko Pronto is a ready to use high-build, semi-gloss solvent-based wood stain suitable for outdoor and indoor use. It can be used on a different wood surface and can be applied in different areas such as wooden houses, cladding, canopies, swimming pool decks, balconies, and more.

How to use Zetagi by Sparko Pronto

When applying the Zetagi Pronto on wood substrates, make sure that the wood surface area is free from wax and other coatings. During the preparation, make sure that the substrate is clean.

Using a soft bristle paintbrush, apply Zetagi by Sparko Pronto on the surface and spread it evenly. Wait for 16 to 24 hours prior to the second application. Also, make sure that the weather is fine and there is no chance of raining or if the relative humidity is above 80 percent in order to make sure that no problems will arise during the painting session.

Features Advantages and Benefits

Zetagi by Sparko Pronto has low viscosity, excellent filling properties, and can provide better wood protecting attributes.

It has a high solid content making your recoating application much lesser compared to other paints and as a result, will let you save both material costs and time.

Another thing that makes pronto special is that it has a UV filter that protects it from the extreme heat of the sun. You can also apply it outdoor since it has long term weather resistance and a sustainable coating.

There are a lot of colors and variety that you can choose from. It has an excellent color harmonizing effect making it the best product to use since you can have the freedom to choose on what colors or hue you are planning to use.

These are just some of the reasons why you should choose Zetagi by Sparko Pronto as your wood paint for all your DIY or wood projects. To learn more about this product, please check our website here.

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