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Who is Zetagi?

Zetagì was founded in 1957 at Olmo Creazzo Italy. Innovation, Reliability, and Flexibility are the three main goals the company firmly observes. In this strong inclination towards innovation, reliability of proposed solutions, and great production flexibility results with fast delivery service; led the brand to reach distinguished and challenging objectives. The standards of profound technical knowledge and field experience are the basis of Zetagi Coatings’ formulation. Zetagi received a lot of accreditations through independent laboratories and an internal quality test system. They obtained from SQS, the Swiss Association for Quality Systems Management the UNI EN 29002 compliance standards in 1995, and the SQS ISO 9001: 2000 certifications.

In 2011, the company further strengthened its position within the Protective Coatings sector. During this time Zetagi is the only Italian company in the field of Protective Coating (Anticorrosion). Zetagi is competing daily with multinational companies in the industry. This is a clear basis for further consolidation of leadership in the domestic market and greater affirmation in foreign markets.

Zetagì has grown over the years with an expansion that has allowed various partnerships with key brands and players beyond Italy. In the Philippines, this golden opportunity was provided to Sparko Surface Coatings, an independent and local brand of wood coatings that has quality at par with imported brands around the world. Both companies, having the common goal of continuous innovation was the birth of Zetagi by Sparko Surface Coatings in the Philippine painting scene.

Zetagi by Sparko Surface Coatings boasts of a complete range of polyurethane coatings that include water-based polyurethane, solvent-based polyurethane, fire retardant coatings, primers, pigments, and specialty coatings. Zetagi by Sparko Surface Coatings is now available in Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. We aim to be the one to raise the standards of finishing in the Philippines. Zetagi by Sparko Surface Coatings also provides technical support and product knowledge training to clients. To help them know the right products for their specific usage as well as the proper use of different coatings.

Zetagi by Sparko Surface Coatings is the brand of Quality product for all of your finishes.

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