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Are you tired of seeing your walls and furniture with paint peeling off? Questioning what’s gone wrong? That nasty tangle cracks, flakes, and blistering problems are not pretty for sure. In order to be done with the effective repairs, you need to know what causes paint peel off.  There are quite a few, for instance, the furniture wasn’t properly cleaned before the paint was applied, a primer wasn’t used, or the wrong type of paint was used. We at Sparko Surface Coatings offer technical support and the best possible solution to all your concern.

Improper Preparation

When the surface is not prepped properly it will be difficult for the paint to stick.  The basic and proper preparation process is key to a successful finish. Cleaning and drying the substrate to remove dirt and dust, sanding with our sandpapers at medium grit.  Wipe away the dust and the damaged part need to be restored using filler. Once dry, lightly sand the entire piece again using light grit sandpaper. Sanding ensures good mechanical adhesion of paint to the surface and removes contaminants on the surface of the substrate. Sandpapers in different types are readily available in Sparko Surface Coatings.

Wrong Products

Different paint variants react to different kinds of substrates. The key is to be absolutely sure that your paint is compatible and recommended with your wood or substrate. If the wrong product is applied, the furniture peels eventually. As a general rule, Nitrocellulose type is used for indoor, rigid cased goods with low traffic while Vinyl type is used for indoor, flexible cased goods with low traffic such as indigenous materials like rattan, abaca, and wicker. Polyurethanes are used for rigid items with high traffic such as dining tables and wooden floors. There is different Polyurethane for indoor and outdoor use.  At Sparko Surface Coatings, we provide a complete product range for you to choose from that includes lacquers, water-based PU, urethanes, pigments, specialty coatings, and more.

Poor Painting Technique

After considering the right products and executing the best surface preparation, a poor painting technique also leads to cracking and premature peeling. Make sure to avoid applying paint too thickly, as this could lead to either improper curing, where the top portion is dry but the bottom coating is still wet, or brittleness where the paint system cracks easily. You also have to be very mindful of observing proper drying time. Every paint type has a different drying time so always make sure to know these details. Sparko Surface Coatings have high solid content which doesn’t require you to spray overly thick avoiding brittleness. The lacquers of Sparko Surface Coatings are also quick to dry and easy to apply thus preventing problems such as premature drying.

External Factors

Furniture in a room with high humidity, such as a bathroom, causes the paint to begin to flake at a faster rate. Moving the furniture to a drier area is recommended to prevent this.  Wooden items that are exposed to UV rays more often also experience paint peel off more often than indoor items.

Keep in mind all these causes of paint peel off to achieve a better output. We at Sparko Surface Coatings are more than glad to serve you in any possible way we can. Please visit the LINK to know more.

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